Call analytics AI
Analyze Your Business Calls and |
Evaluate data from calls and discover hidden opportunities related to emotions, keywords, and behaviors.
Product Overview
Speech to text
Access to call transcripts
Access to transcripts of conversations
Possibility to generate transcripts of the phone calls carried out by consultants.

Better and faster onboarding of new employees
Easy availability of call recording enables quicker and better onboarding of new employees

Quick creation of content
Efficiently document study materials and guides based on the best conversations for new consultants

Determine keywords crucial for your success
Increased sales conversion
Keyword analysis of the best sales reps allows you to modify your scripts and increase conversions
Detection of critical keywords
Allows you to search for negative phrases that your customers can hear (e.g., swear words)
Improve training quality
Detection of adverse habits makes it possible to draw attention and better training of new consultants.
More sales
Verify whether sales reps are making attempts to sell as often as they should
Get to know your
customers' concerns
Thanks to the keyword module, it's possible to recognize conversations related to customers' issues.
Learn what customers
think about competition
Search for conversations where customers mention your competitors.
Emotion Analysis
Higher sales conversations
Test customer reactions to different sales scripts and deploy the best performing strategies
Transparent feedback
Possibility to provide feedback to employees on the basis of 100% of the conversations they make
Improved service quality
Enables you to discover both positive and negative conversations, and implement best practices
Verification of difficult conversations
Allows you to easily find negative experiences, in order to better prepare your workout.
Trend research
Analyze how emotion trends change during the conversation
Better understanding
of customers
Emotion analysis helps you explore emotions in different customer segments
Call Performance
Build on the strengths and weaknesses of your team
Create emotional profiles
Create employee profiles based on emotions will allow for better allocation of resources to individual sales or marketing campaigns.
Consultants' talk to listening ratio
Allows you to check what percentage of the conversation time the consultant and the client are talking.
Greater employee experience
Analysis of the performance of employees allows for the improvement of existing processes.
Better understanding of customers
Emotion analysis helps you explore emotions in different customer segments
Implementation process
takes around 14 working days
Share your calls
in Audio and Data
You'll provide the audio recordings of your calls to coach our AI-model. Call recordings are transferred to CallPage by the API, cloud data, or a hard drive.
Set goals
and train AI-model
Together, we'll develop a plan to teach the AI-model for your business (product/company names, accents, and jargons). We will then set goals that you care about - sales metrics, emotional recognitions, keywords notifications, or maybe all of it.
See results
and get value immediately
The results of the analysis will be in the form specified in the agreement (Dashboards, Reports, Recommendations). We will walk you through the results, and empower you to make better business decisions.
Call Analytics Use Cases
Turn Voice into Value

Turn sales reps into top performers
Intelligently analyze real-time and historical calls to identify agent coaching opportunities and standout customer experiences. Mitigate risk by identifying possible compliance issues before they escalate.

Capture Conversation Trends
Use advanced keyword and intent analysis to pinpoint how often essential terms and topics, such as competitor names or product features, are mentioned during conversations. Easily identify the voice of the customer to improve products and map calls to win/loss analysis.

Your conversations = revenue
Gain valuable insights within your contact center and agent performance with customizable, intuitive reporting dashboards. Drill down into flagged conversations and identify training opportunities by listening for caller sentiments, speech patterns, and much more.


Improve QA and reduce legal issues
Drive Performance and Compliance. Use keyword and emotion filters to locate threatening calls that might end up in legal hurdles. Proactively bring down the number of severe cases by calling the customers back and handling the situation accurately before it's too late.
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